Company Profile

With in-house facilities to design, fabricate and manufacture Ropeway systems (as per NSEN ISO 9001:208 / ISO 9001:2008), we provide customized solutions to the client, in accordance to their variegated requirements of aerial transportation in the plains and mountainous terrain.

The company has in its bag of installations, highest Ropeway systems at 20,000 feet with temperatures dropping to -40 degrees Celsius (most inhospitable conditions) on the Siachen Glacier in the Greater Himalayas for the Indian Army, which are running absolutely trouble free.

Him Cableways has designed, manufactured & installed Ropeways with capacities ranging from 100 to 10,000 Kgs and covering distances of 200 to 6400 Mtrs.

Some of our installations include:

  • Ropeways for the Indian Army
  • After the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, we provided Ropeways for rescue
  • operations and to transport ration to remote areas
  • Ropeways for Rural Development to connect hill-top villages
  • Ropeways for transporting agricultural produce in the mountains
  • Ropeways for hydro-electric projects for construction of dams
  • Ropeways for penstock laying
  • Ropeways for cement factories
  • Ropeways for the mining industry
  • Ropeways for the tourism industry

Apart from Ropeways, we manufacture and export steel Scaffoldings and Highway Fencing
items to Europe, USA and the Middle East, which include:

  • Fencing Poles
  • Tensioning Clamps
  • Rollers
  • Track Wheels
  • Shuttering Clamps
  • Pipe Clamps
  • Jack Stands

Recently, we have also developed and launched an Electric Rikshaw (also known as electric tuk-tuk). They are being widely accepted as an alternative to petrol/diesel/CNG auto rickshaws due to their low fuel cost. It has been specially designed to ease the hassles of urban commuters and drivers which they have to go through due to traffic and pollution.

Our organisation has been empowered by a sophisticated infrastructure which sprawls over a large area and is segregated into many working units which enable smooth execution of assignments. With over hundred systems installed, we are constantly discovering and learning about new innovations and designs. Recently, we collaborated with three European companies for technology transfer. These foreign companies are engaged in designing of Aerial Ropeways and are pioneers in the field.
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